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    Receiver and transmitter for cows

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    This receiver and transmitter for cows for cows is an extension for the birth alarm for cows (complete set). Cannot be used separately without the complete set.

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    24/7 control

    With the Birth-Watch birth alarm for horses or cows you have 24/7 digital temperature monitoring of your animal. You always and everywhere have insight into the status of your mare and/or cow through the Birth-Watch app. You will be notified well in advance of the upcoming birth by means of a call on your (mobile) telephone. The birth alarm consists of 3 products, namely a transmitter, receiver and a mounting harness.

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    100% reliable

    Unique way in which the measurements are made, based on temperature, accurate and accurate measurements are taken.


    In addition to reporting a delivery, this can also be used to monitor the temperature of the cow in connection with the cold. disease.


    Alarm is given well before the birth of the cow (24 hours before the delivery starts).

    24/7 control

    24/7 control without having to be physically present. This gives an owner peace and time to do other things.

    No more uncertainty with Birth-Watch

    The birth alarm for horses and cows

    The Birth-Watch birth alarm is available for horses and/or cows. With the Birth-Watch birth detector you have 24/7 digital temperature monitoring of your animal.