No more uncertainty with Birth-Watch

The birth alarm for horses and cows

No more uncertainty with Birth-Watch

The birth alarm for horses and cows

The Birth-Watch birth alarm ensures continuous monitoring of your mare or cow to alert you in good time when the delivery is imminent. You always and everywhere have insight into the status of your animal through the Birth-Watch app.

100% reliable

Unique way in which the measurements are made, based on temperature, accurate and accurate measurements are taken.


In addition to reporting a birth, this can also be used to monitor the temperature of the cow, horse or pony in connection with the cold. disease.


The alarm is given well before the birth of the calf or foal. With the horse this is 1 hour in advance and with the cow this is 24 hours in advance.

24/7 control

24/7 control without having to be physically present. This gives an owner peace and time to do other things.

Birth-Watch reviews

What are our users saying?

Birth-watch is super!

“The Birth-Watch birth alarm is great! It has a relaxing effect and gives peace of mind because you can view your horse's temperature anywhere on your phone, for example”

Family Achterkamp - Breeder of draft horses

Reliable and safe!

“It is reliable and safe, all deliveries were announced in advance by the system, not one was missed. In addition, it is particularly easy that you can consult and possibly change the data anywhere, for example at work elsewhere, by telephone, it gives you a great deal of peace of mind because you can rely on the observation of Birth-Watch.”

T. Vos from Oss - Breeder of Belgian Blue

Plenty of time for delivery

"We have been working with Birth-Watch since 2019 and have been able to have a few healthy foals with the help of the birth detector. In the beginning I had to get used to the system, but nevertheless it has worked perfectly. In all cases we are well over time of the imminent delivery."

G van Rossum - Breeder of Friesian horses

A reliable foal period

"Since we started using the Birth-Watch system, we feel confident about the foaling period. We can easily monitor our Shetlanders from a distance." Read the entire review here.

J. Bok from Den Bosch - Breeder of Shetlanders

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